Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is unable to fight Jake Paul on July 20th as originally planned. Tyson experienced a health scare on a recent flight, requiring medical attention.

Doctors advised Tyson to postpone the fight due to a recent ulcer flare-up. While he initially seemed okay to compete, further evaluation revealed the need for rest and recovery.

Don't fret fight fans! A new date for the Tyson vs. Paul match is expected to be announced soon. Stay tuned for an official update on June 7th.

The location for the rescheduled fight remains the same - AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Get ready to rumble in the Lone Star State!

This fight is already historic due to the significant age difference. Tyson, 57 years old, will be facing off against the much younger Jake Paul, who is only 27.

The Tyson vs. Paul fight is sanctioned as a professional bout with specific regulations. Expect eight two-minute rounds and 14-ounce gloves for both fighters.

More Than Just a Fight: A Cultural Phenomenon, Generational Clash, Entertainment Spectacle!

Catch all the action live on Netflix! This unique fight will be streamed on the popular platform, making it easily accessible for fans worldwide.